R.C. Bysack Design Concept, Consultants / Architects, Engineers, Town Planner, Interior Designers, Surveyors & Govt. Regd. Valuers Builders, Project Execution & Management

"Total Planning, Designing & Development Under one Roof with Modem and Emerging Technologies up to your most Satisfaction"

Evolution & Growth Of the Organisation

Since 1954 the Organization has been successively well functioning towards development of cities by several Planning, Architectural and Engineering projects. Various eminent personalities were fully satisfied by the services of the organization. The organization serves the Government sectors as well Private sectors.

From 1974 after the death of Late Ram Chand Bysack, his son Sri Gautam Kumar Bysack has taken immense initiative for the growth and development of the organization with his engineering sound background.

The firm is now technically sound and administratively well controlled by the 45 years of his experience of working in Municipal corporations, Municipalities in the field of Architecture, Planning, Engineering, Interior Designing, Valuation and Structural Engineering, Surveying. Presently the organization is headed by him with a strong team of about 30 efficient expertise , skilled and experienced Architects, Town Planners, Engineers, Structural Engineers, Surveyors and Valuers. Many senior Retired Government Architects, Engineers etc. have joined & associated our organization and enriched the excellence of our services in the field of Consultancy /Architecture, Planning, Engineering, Interior Designing, Valuation Structural Engineering and Surveying.

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