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Historical Background

The founder of the Organization Late Ramchand Bysack's ancestor Late Sovaram Bysack, the icon of Bengal, was a wealthy businessman and a great philanthropist. 'He was one of the earliest settlers of Kolkata. In the year 1690A.D. when Job Charnock landed in Sutanuti, the same year Sovaram Bysack was born in Kasimbazar near Murshidabad. He belonged to a wealthy family of textile traders. His earliest known ancestor Keshob Ram earned the surname “Busakh” from the Mughal Emperor Akbar during his reign in the 16th century. One of the wealthiest business tycoons of his time, Sovaram featured in C.R. Wilson’s list of top businessmen of contemporary merchants. The success of Sovaram and the Basak family has faded with time, but the fragrance still lingers…'

'“Busakh” is a Persian word — “Bu” meaning fragrance and “sakh” meaning branch or lineage. So, one who was given this title was a source of fragrance to the Mughal clan. With the course of time, the title changed to “Bysack”.......'. (Source : https://thegangeswalk.com/category/sovaram-bysack/)

Sovaram’s legacy of benevolence was also carried forth by his successors. The fabric of time has added depth to the “fragrance” of this clan. Originated from a successful, historical, traditional and reputed business family, today present R.C. Bysack Group of Companies creates landmarks of the Country by building structure of magnificent architecture that blended with contemporary style, accredited and appreciated many places including Government sectors. The projects with excellence and stunning architecture & Engineering speaks of its uniqueness, creativity and client's satisfaction.

Dr. Gautam Kumar Bysack, presently heading the Orgnaisation as a descendant of one of the founder of Kolkata-‘SovaramBysack’ and is also till date with a philanthropic attitude serving the Societies, NGOs etc. and also attached with various institutions, NGOs for the betterment and development of mankind in our country. Dr. Bysack being a senior Government Consultant associated with various Government Sectors including NKDA/ HIDCO for the development/ betterment of cities.

Housing, North Kolkata, 1980

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