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Our Client

Since last 50 years we have been successfully accomplishing various types of large scale projects, e.g. Residential, Housing, Commercial Buildings, Industrial buildings, Educational, Institutional buildings etc.

We served as Consultant/Architect-Engineer of:

* WBIDCL (West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation.), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBSIDCL (The West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd.), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBHIDCO (West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.), Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking
* KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation), Govt. of West Bengal
* West Bengal Heritage Commission, Govt. of West Bengal
* WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company.), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBPDCL (The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBSETCL (West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company.), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBTIDCL (West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.), Govt. of West Bengal
* NKDA (New Town Kolkata Development Authority), Govt. of West Bengal
* WBZA (West Bengal Zoo Authority), Govt. of West Bengal
* MKDA ( Midnapore Kharagpur Development Authority ), Govt. of West Bengal
* NBU (University of North Bengal), Govt. of West Bengal
* HRBC (Hooghly River Bridge Commissioner's Office), Govt. of West Bengal
* SMC (Sambalpur Municipal Corporation Govt. of Oddisha), Govt. of Oddisha
* State Labour Board through Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC), Govt. of West Bengal
* SMDA (Sambalpur Development Authority,Govt. of Oddisha), Govt. of Oddisha
* DSDA (Digha Sankarpur Development Authority), Govt. of West Bengal
* TRDA (Tarapith Rampurhat Development Authority.), Govt. of West Bengal
* Bengal Shelter Housing Development Ltd.
* DLF Group
* Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Ltd.
* M/s. Indian Oil corporation Ltd, Haldia Refinery Works, Haldia.
* Shelter Group
* M/s. Garden Reach Workshop Ltd. Known as M/S. Garden Reach Ship Builders& Engineers ltd.
* Manindra Chandra College ,Kolkata
* Mitra Institution (Main), Kolkata
* Sarada Charayan Institution
* Nazrul Smriti Pathagar
* Scottish Church College (“Millenium building” )
* ST. Thomas’ College of Engineering & Technology.(Extension Building)
* Rice Group
* Martin Burn Constructions Ltd.
* Bangur Group
* Shamayita Math
* Several projects under Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area
* Several projects(more than 150 projects) under New Town Kolkata/WBHIDCO

A few of our projects :-
SUJATA ENCLAVE, Housing complex at MG Road, Kolkata - "Burman Commercial Center", Joshi Kuthir -"JORABAGAN CESC CASH OFFICE", Multistoried Ownership Apartment at Bangur Avenue, Kolkata, Multistoried Ownership Apartment at Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Kolkata, Housing at, Sisir Bhaduri Sarani, Kolkata, MILENNIUM BUILDING, The Scottish Church College Etc..

Project at  New Town, Rajarhat , Kolkata :
Successfully completed more than 60 projects and entrusted more than 150 projects for Individual Plots, HIG/MIG/LIG Registered Co-Operative Societies, Bulk Registered Co-Operatives and Commercial Plot at New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata.

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